Does changing the air filter increase engine power output?

On the engine dyno, the power and torque gains are very difficult to measure and are therefore very small or neutral. Nevertheless, it is proven that they do reduce some constraints vs. OEM filtration process, so they can only be positive without being a must have thing. One other thing is that they will never have to be replaced anymore (only cleaned). In certain cases though, it is highly advised or even critical to change the OEM filter by sports version due to high negative OEM constraints encountered on engines such as on RS5, S6 V10, RS6 V10, RS4 V8 2013, S8 V10. On these engines, the OEM filters are either badly designed or get clogged too quickly. For example on a RS5 or RS4 2013, changing the filters even 100% new provides a power increase or min 6 to 8 HP(its big for such a little change).