1221 Wheels

If you are looking for a very exclusive high-end custom and premium quality forged wheel, 1221 Wheelsis the brand that will meet and even exceed your expectations as well as fulfilling your wildest dreams. You are simply looking at the very best the industry has to offer. Each wheel design is a masterpiece combining some traditional ideas, very fine design details, using the most advanced technologies and design techniques making them very unique to the market. 1221 Wheelsis such a forward thinking company that they present new concepts regularly that no other wheel company have ever thought of before.For example,1221 wheels is the first wheel company (and still the only one so far) in the world to propose multi piece wheels with pocketed assembly flanges and matching inner barrels for a unique look while reducing weight. They are simply a piece of art.


They can be ordered in a variety of specifications including, two piece and three piece versions, different concave profiles, asymmetrical if desired and with visible or hidden assembly hardware as well as a 20/20 variant.These custom made rims are available in diameters ranging from 18 to 22 inches, widths ranging from 8 to 15 inches, and with any offsets and finishing you would like to get. 

Have a look at the latest 1221 catalog or their website: www.1221wheels.com

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