In order to improve the handling of your Audi as well as giving it a sportier look by lowering your chassis, the best solution is to replace your original shock absorbers and springs by a coilover system. We work with the European leader in this industry “KW suspensions” which sells more than 80000 references per year.

We particularly recommend the coilover Variant 3 versions which are a perfect match for AUDI S and RS models. These Variant 3 systems are of course available for the majority of other Audis. If your budget does not allow you to select the V3, KW has an excellent entry level product called the Variant 1, which also uses the stainless steel technology (vs. galvanized technology used by competitors much less resistant to corrosion over time).

There are many models available besides the V3, like the V1, the V2, the Street Comfort, the HLS (Hydraulic Lift System), the Clubsport, and the Competition. Recently has been added to the lineup: “DDC” system which is an adjustable in hardness coilover system with adjustability from the inside of the car (and via smartphone APP), as well as since late 2012, a system that allows lowering the cars equipped with pneumatic suspensions and this up to 50mm in certain applications.

Here is a summary table of the differences between the different coil over variants available:

Features V1 V2 V3 V4










German TUV- tested X X X X X X X X X X
High quality components for long life X X X X X X X X X X
Individually height adjustable X X X X X X X   X X
"Inox Line" Technology (Stainless steel shock absorbers) X X X X X X X   X X
Optimally adjusted, for a sporty and confortable drive X                  
Individual adjustable rebound damping   X X X X X X   X X
Individual adjustable compression damping (low speed)     X     X X   X X
Individual adjustable compression damping (low and high speed)       X            
Designed for occasional race track driving     X X   X X   X  
Designed for regular race track driving                 X  
Designed for competition use                   X
Exists in 2 and 3 way variants                 X X
Adjustable damping hardness setting from the inside           X        
Adjustable damping hardness via smartphone APP (optional)           X        
Hydraulic liftting possiblities from the inside (up to 45mm)             X      
Lowering system for pneumatic suspension equipped cars               X    
Lowering system control for pneumatic suspension equipped cars via smartphone APP (optional)               X    




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