Electronic Modifications

Modern Audis are equipped with many electronic control modules and the number of different modules inside an Audi has significantly increased over the past years. Almost any parts of the car are now managed by their respective control modules now. The most known ones are the engine control modules which we cover already in our engine modifications section. But there are many more such as the modules that manage the dash board instrumentation, the comfort modules that deals typically with alarms or simply the automatic door closing after reaching a certain speed, MMI/navigation/radio modules, electronic seats modules, side mirrors modules, Telephone modules, TV modules, parking systems modules, steering wheels modules, automatic gear box modules, airbags modules, etc…

All these modules are typically the same for many versions of the cars and are programmed at the factory to deal with your specific options ordered with the car. The beauty of this is that at RS QUATTRO we have the tools to modify some of the module coding which allows us to add or fine tune some of the features of the car.

Besides being able to read (and eventually erase) any error codes of any modules, depending of the car and year of construction, here are some of the modifications we can eventually do for you:

  • Removal of the seat belt alarm signal (for nearly any AUDI)
  • Addition of specific S or RS logo on MMI systems
  • Addition of a battery charge level meter on the MMI
  • Enabling a gauge test/needle swap at the turn of the car key (not for all Audis)
  • Enabling Video in Motion (possible now for A3 8V as well now)
  • Enabling Opening/Closing doors confirmation beeps (if alarm system on board)
  • Enabling automatic lowering of right mirror when going in reverse driving for parking purposes (for A4 B8, A5, A6/A7 4G, A8 4H, Q5…)
  • Addition of a lap timer with Oil Temperature (from 2010 and beyond)  and on some cars it adds as well a turbo boost animation (A6/A7 4G)
  • Modification of the daylight LED intensity (especially when turning) on A4/A5 B8
  • Setting rear lights as daylight versions
  • Adding the Bluetooth phone connectivity on MMI3G versions
  • Etc… 

This list is non exhaustive and gets longer every day as we discover new things or as new cars get released into production with new features.

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