Engine Modifications...

Since many years, engines are controlled electronically by ECUs (Electronic Control Units). These units constantly calculates amounts of fuel to be injected as well as ignition timing (for engines running on gas) or boost pressure (If the engine has a turbo) in function of a series of parameters such as Engine RPMs, throttle position, air density and pressure, etc… All the rules between these parameters are stored in tridimensional mappings within the ECU. 

Like other car manufacturers, AUDI develops their mappings without being able to focus exclusively on engine efficiency, but rather taking into account many constraints. Some of these include fuel economy aspects, very strict emission control rules, as well as taking into account the bad gas quality only available in certain parts of the world. Moreover, it has become usual to limit the engine possibilities for marketing reasons, fiscal rules applicable in certain countries, or simply to make it easy to upgrade the power for future engine releases by simply modifying the engine mappings.

It is therefore totally possible to optimize the engine mappings to target higher performance levels (98 octane gas will then always be required for petrol engines) while keeping an excellent reliability.

RS Quattro works with the best engine specialists on the market to achieve individual performance levels for your car. From simple filter changes, to ECU upgrades, up to bigger upgrades like using larger turbos (for turbocharged engines), all this is available at competitive prices with regard to the job quality offered.

We offer engine mappings optimization by individual engine tuning on a car dyno (loading generic software is not our way of proceeding). You will therefore always know your power and torque curves before and after the upgrade. This is, for us, the only way to achieve the goal while getting 100% of the potential.

This work is only done in one place (near Brussels) and always in the presence of an engineer who develops the software. You therefore can be assured that there will always be a highly skilled engineer right next to your car optimizing the software and that no generic software purchased from other tuning companies or from a mother company is being transferred in your ECU.

You will find below an example of dyno results from an S4 B8 (supercharged engine), R8 V10 spyder, RS6 V10 bi turbo, and last but not least one
from an RS4 B7 V8.

On these RS4 engines the optimization results in an additional 20-25HP and 20-30 Nm. The re-programming also allows to change the exhaust valves opening in Sport and non Sport mode, to change the max RPM limiter when engine is cold (decreasing from 7000rpms, to a suggested 5000rpm), to remove the top speed limiter, as well as remove the throttle valve limiter in first, second and third gear below 5000rpm (up to 50Nm more).


Have a look HERE at our power and torque improvements catalogue depending of the engine concerned.

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